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Process automation? Customer service? Drive efficiency and conversion? 1080bots are built for business and ready to scale.

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12 retail chatbots designed for omnichannel commerce. Start with the basics and add as you grow. 1080bots accelerate at your pace.

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Developed to plug into the most common platforms and systems. 1080bots make it easy to enhance customer engagement and ROI.

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256-bit encryption. PCI compliant. Intent-driven machine intelligence. 1080bots power rich interactions that reflect your brand.

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Why 1080bots?

Making sense of bots can be a daunting path for any organization. Navigating the maze of platforms and providers is time-consuming and confusing. In-house development takes valuable cycles away from your own engineering teams. Outsourcing single projects can result in one-trick bots that sit outside your existing system and just don’t scale.

"1080bots is different. We know data, we know commerce,
and we know systems."

We design our bots to seamlessly integrate with most industry-standard technology stacks and data management platforms so you don’t have to. We build modular, chatbots-as-a-service so you can start with the ones you need now, and quickly add more functions as you’re ready. And we understand that a true conversational experience requires more than just automation and AI.

Whether you’re streamlining a business process, or helping a shopper find the information they need, we’re here to make the road to engaging your internal and external customers a smooth one. Let’s start the conversation today!


What we're learning

  • Chatbots and voice shopping

    The End of Omnichannel This morning my friend Celine said in a meeting, “There will be no omnichannel, we’ll stop differentiating all the media we use and then it will just be retailing again.” A smart observation and one that provides a good backdrop to discuss voice shopping. A little bit of context Personal interactions […]

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  • ai and chatbots

    AI – Behind the Buzz: Welcome to the future of retail.

    There’s a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) this week — several great sessions at Shop.org, countless blog posts. What’s behind the buzz? What does it mean for the future of ecommerce? And how can chatbots help you get there?

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  • holiday 2017 chatbot

    “Holiday 2017 – Can Chatbots Pass the Stress Test?”

    Holiday 2017 chatbot It’s that time of year again, with retailers investing heavily in holiday campaigns, merchandise, and staffing, and shoppers everywhere are investing time, energy, and savings in holiday cheer. The upcoming weeks between Black Friday and January sales provide an annual stress test, not only to a retailer’s processes and systems but more […]

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Our Team

A part of First Retail, Inc., 1080bots was born out of decades of retail ecommerce experience. We believe that Chatbots have the potential to drive ecommerce innovation in everything from voice shopping to data and AI. We also believe that chatbots will be taking on an important role as customer touchpoints, that's why we work hard to make sure the conversational experience is as rich and rewarding for your customers as possible.

Want to know more about our chatbots and where they can fit in your customer engagement channels? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Gam Dias

Gam Dias

Product Strategy & Management

To Kim

To Kim

Product Engineering & Delivery

Philip Andrews

Philip Andrews

Creative, Design & Product Content

We’re looking forward to learning more about your RPA and ecommerce chatbot needs. Contact us today!

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