Click and mortar retailer selects 1080bots

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We’re happy to announce that has been selected as the vendor of choice for a national click and mortar retailer.

The chatbots we’re implementing include product finder, ratings & reviews and store finder. Additional product finder chatbots specifically tuned toward helping customers find the perfect wine and locate the furniture for small spaces will be next.

Forward-thinking retailers like this have a deep understanding of their customers and are seeing the value conversational commerce brings to their businesses. Consumers are getting younger and their tolerance for visiting websites and downloading apps is effectively nil. Their world lives squarely in the (relatively) new universe of chat – they want it now, they want it brought to them, and they want it to be easy and convenient.

Our chatbots are designed for this new universe. On the retailer side, they’re fast to implement, measurable and modular, allowing businesses to strategically add chatbots where they’ll make the most difference for their customers. For customers, everything we build is designed to improve the experience, speed up the transaction, and lessen the friction involved in making a purchase.

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