Chatbot Reviews: E.L.F Chatbot at the Mall of America

During Holiday 2016, we took a look at E.L.F, the chatbot at the Mall of America in Minneapolis and another AI offering out of the IBM Watson stables. The Mall has over 520 stores and restaurants, an indoor theme park, a 1.3 million gallon aquarium, and its own wedding chapel. Forty million visitors a year walk the 4.2 million square feet each year. And they now have a chatbot. visitors a year walk the 4.2 million square feet each year. And they now have a chatbot. 1080bots keeps up with the latest ecommerce chatbots to help our clients create brilliant omnichannel experiences.

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Chatbot Reviews: The Facebook Messenger 1-800-Flowers Chatbot

The original 1-800-Flowers chatbot demonstrates that this company is no laggard. They launched their Facebook Messenger chatbot in April 2016 at the F8 conference. What better press than Mark Zuckerberg announcing “To order from 1-800-Flowers, you never have to call 1-800-Flowers again.”

Well, things have moved on and we see a new version of the  1-800-Flowers chatbot powered by IBM Watson.

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The 7-Laws of Chatbotics

Building better chatbots means teaching them the 7-laws of chatbotics. Here’s what we drill into every chatbot module we create. Chatbots have a very important part to play in all aspects of human lives going forward, so it’s important that they act responsibly every time they meet a human. Their job is to be of service, to be patient and most of all, be reliable in everything they do.

Here are the guidelines that make our chatbots great.

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Adding chatbots to your ecommerce roadmap?

1080bots has become the go-to resource for retailers looking to add chatbots to their ecommerce, omnichannel roadmaps. With over 20-years experience in retail ecommerce we understand the technology and we know how to engage customers. Want to learn more about how 1080bots can help you add world-class chatbots to your omnichannel offering? Send a note to, or fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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