smart, reliable, and modular chatbots for ecommerce

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1080bots builds smart, reliable, and modular chatbots for ecommerce. Early in 2016, we watched as people shifted their mobile interactions from Apps to Messaging Applications. We also saw a maturing of A.I technologies capable of helping ecommerce chatbots make sense of a natural language conversation.

Research, Strategy, Design, Build

We spent six months looking for the best technologies, playing with every available chatbot, and learning from online retailers and other e-commerce businesses. our conclusion was that it’s cheap and easy to build a chatbot, but it’s very difficult to build a good one.

After significant research and developing a clear strategy, we set out to design, build and deliver the very best enterprise-class, ecommerce chatbots we could.

Good chatbots require the design rigor that goes into any new ecommerce channel. They need to be designed around the customer experience, must be deeply integrated into ecommerce backend systems, and should stay flexible enough to leverage all of the latest chatbot technologies.

If a chatbot is the first line of interaction with a customer, then it needs to be better than just good. It needs to be great.

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